“I have been in entertainment for thirty years and I can safely say that MP Kuo is THE best engineer I have ever worked with. We have worked closely together since 2006 on "Hereafter Musical". As our official studio engineer, MP has been there every step of the way from simple piano and vocal demos to fifty piece orchestrations. Her attention to detail is amazing. She has run sessions with as many as thirteen singers flawlessly. Her skills on pro-tools are amazing and her efficiency has also saved me lots of money over the years. Her mixing and mastering sills are top notch . Everyone that I have recommended MP to over the years has thanked me.”

Vinnie Favale
VP Late Night
The Late Show With David Letterman,
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
Writer & Composer "Hereafter Musical"

“MP Kuo is my go-to gal for any project needing a musically astute engineer with access to a variety of great rooms with totally reasonable prices, great equipment (esp piano) in perfect tune and repair, clarity about their advantages, etc.  And when friends ask for a recommendation for a room and an engineer I refer to MP as a jet pilot on pro tools.  "Just watch her work."  She is reliable, kind, professional in every way.  I've done three musicals and other sessions with her, and know her very well.  I can't imagine someone doing better than they will with MP.

Kim Oler
2-time Richard Rodgers Award and 2-time Emmy Award winner

"MP produced, engineered, and mixed many of the singles on my album (Bridges) she works with great professional ability, I can think of no one I would rather have on the board while I am in the booth singing.  she is a pleasure to work with, more importantly I trust her."

Danny Aiello.
Actor/singer  (Godfather II, Flashdance)

"I've worked with MP Kuo on many projects and will continue to work with her whenever I can because she is a superb engineer, very musical, sensitive and very fast on ProTools. You will have the best results in the shortest time! She has a bright, sunny and enthusiastic nature and is a pleasure to work with!"

David Krane
Composer, arranger, producer
Music addranger/score adaptation for “Into the Wood”, “Nine”, “Chicago”

“MP has been my engineer of choice for more than 10 years for all of my musical theater recording projects. She has recorded countless demos for me which have helped me win numerous major awards. She is smart, efficient, and knowledgeable - but so are many engineers. What I value her most for is her taste. She knows not just the specific take that I'll want, but why. She knows where I want to start a punch before I tell her, because she knows what I didn't like about the last take. She listens and thinks ahead, and that's what makes a great engineer. Add to this her willingness to find flexible solutions to any project that won't break the bank, and there's nothing I wouldn't turn to her for.”

Andrew Gerle,
musical theater composer, winner of the Jonathan Larson Award, the Kleban Award, and 4 Richard Rodgers Awards

“I have worked with MP for many years and am always impressed by her skill, her sensitivity, the quality of her listening, and her ability to put players at their ease so they can do their best. She makes the recording process easier than it would otherwise be, and she makes it enjoyable as well.”

Bart Feller
Principal flute, New Jersey Symphony Orchestra
Principal flute, New York City Opera
Faculty, Pre-College Division, The Juilliard School
Faculty, Rutgers University

“MP possesses fantastic set of ears, great sense of timing, and warm and sympathetic heart for musicians, whether they are young artists making their first audition tape or seasoned professionals on their 12th CDs.  She treats every one of her clients with complete professionalism, a genuine respect and understanding, making any recording process a joy and a rewarding experience, and never stressful or hectic.“

Min Kwon
Steinway Artist
Professor, Rutgers University
Founder and Director, CME, Center for Musical Excellence, NYC

"There are few times in our lives that we can just sit back, breathe, and have that knowing that everything is going to work out great.  I have enlisted the services of MP Kuo a plethora of times for that very reason.  She is a paragon of steadiness and determination when it comes to delivering an exemplary product."

Brian Noonan
Managing Director of Unexpected Boys Entertainment, Ltd.

"M.P. Kuo is one of the best engineers in NYC.  I use her for my recording business and also for personal projects.  She is thorough, efficient, easy going and keeps the studio sessions calm and focused and also a lot of fun!  She makes sure we keep our schedule, our budget and our creative vision.  She also can help find the right studio for the right price and has vast knowledge of a wide array of equipment in order to suit each project and each budget."

Emily Drennan
CEO Roxsteady Music
Mamma Mia, Voca People, Symphony Pop

"I’ve worked with M.P. Kuo on several demos for film, musicals and theatrical events. She’s fast, smart and mindful. As a sound engineer, M.P. is exceptionally skilled at hearing a mix and understanding the sound based on message and the needs being conveyed. As an editor, she is patient and fast. She and I recorded, edited and mixed 42 episodes of The Big Talk, my podcast series, in less than 4 weeks. M.P. is truly an artist in the field of sound. You want her ears on your project."

Tricia Brouk
Director/Writer/Choreographer/Podcast Host

"M.P Kuo is an amazing sound engineer and producer. She mixed and mastered my latest album.  She has a superb ear for detail.  She is one of the most sought-after engineers in New York City.  She is professional, reliable, and supremely gifted.  She is truly one of a kind!"

Daniel Bennett
Daniel Bennett Group
Band leader, composer, teacher, performer

“MP adds to the art. When an artist with developed skills is open to collaboration and growth, MP balances suggestion and persuasion; appreciation and challenge; and determination and expedience. She brings good musicians to the table to throw behind interesting ideas for instrumentation, arrangement, and general sound. Long after the session ends, I know MP will listen to the recording and discover opportunities for improving it. When the final master is cut, I know it's realized its potential. What better can an artist ask for?”

Jesse Rubenfeld